Common Security and Defence Policy

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The European Defence Action Plan announced in the European Commission’s work Programme for 2016 is an important step towards the urgently needed development of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

What is at stake?

Better use of resources: the European Parliament estimates that political progress in the areas of the Common Security and Defence Policy – visibility, capacities and industry – enable efficiency gains at a level of at least € 26 billion a year.

Priorities of German Business

To deploy the scarce financial resources available efficiently and to achieve economies of scale, a new approach based on a harmonisation of demand and new forms of cooperation is mandatory.

Correct implementation and enforcement of the Defence Package directives (2009/81/EC und 2009/43/EC) must be ensured by the European Commission.

The themes of interoperability and standardisation are of enormous economic importance with respect to effi ciency gains.

Within Europe, certification and qualification procedures should be coordinated in such a way that the organisational and financial effort involved in national procedures is significantly reduced.

Research and development is fundamental for the sector’s future prospects and must be developed at European level.

A legislative framework which guarantees security of supply must be developed and put in place. The model must be the agreement between the six “LoI” States.

Common security and defence policy has great potential for efficiency gains