Completion of the Single Market for citizens, consumers and companies

The Single Market is an indispensable core component of the EU to the benefit of EU citizens, consumers and companies which particularly deserves to be promoted.

What is at stake?

The European Single Market is one of the most important elements of the European Union. However, its completion is still hampered by inconsistent design as well as inadequate transposition in the Member States. Efficiency gains of € 235 billion a year could be achieved through completion of the Single Market.

Priorities of German Business

A further deepening of the Single Market must be actively driven forward through stringent transposition, correct application and eff ective enforcement of Single Market provisions. In this regard, better use must be made of the opportunities of digitalisation, highly innovative companies of all sizes must be promoted and freedom to provide services as an important component of industrial value creation must be exploited more extensively.

A certain legislative framework for transfer of a company’s seat is just as overdue as a better functioning administration and less red tape for companies which are active across borders. The Commission must also focus more closely on the particular features of family businesses. The possibilities of special rules for social and labour market services must be used in an appropriate way. The eff ectiveness of the Single Market for Public Procurement, which is in the fundamental interest of citizens and taxpayers, must not be frustrated through procurement being overburdened by requirements related to unconnected secondary objectives. At tempts to circumvent Single Market and tender award rules – e.g. illegal awards without a tender procedure and demands for a quid pro quo in return for a tender award – must be firmly combated.

Inadequate transposition and enforcement of the eu single market reduce its potential

162 pending Treaty infringement proceedings in the EU in the Single Market area in 2014, in %

Source: European Commission, 2015

The European Single Market is the largest market in the world. More than 162 Treaty infringement proceedings were pending in 2014 in the area of Single Market alone. Inadequate transposition of Single Market provisions reduces its potential.