Fifth negotiation round, 19 to 23 May 2014 in Arlington, Virginia

What was under negotiation?

In the fifth round there were negotiations on customs, market opening for services and investments, regulatory cooperation, public procurement and on a sustainability chapter. For the first time, the talks on regulatory cooperation encompassed mechanical and electrical engineering.

Ahead of this negotiation round, the European Commission published position papers for dismantling non-tariff trade barriers in the automotive, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and textile sectors. At the start of the negotiating week, the U.S. side tabled a first offer for trade in services. Investment protection was not discussed in this round against the background of the ongoing consultations in the EU.

What was the outcome?

  • It was still not possible to find an agreement on customs.
  • Progress was made in particular in the sector-specific negotiating teams. Lead negotiators emphasized that the agreement would not lead to lower standards or weaken the regulatory autonomy of the United States, the EU, or its Member States.

How were interest representatives and stakeholders involved?

In this round, too, stakeholders had the possibility to present their positions and to discuss with negotiating parties and other players. In this framework, BDI used the stakeholder forum to present its priorities in the area of regulatory cooperation; You can find the position here.

What comes next?

The next negotiation round will beginn on 14th July in Brussels. A total of five negotiation rounds are planned for 2014.