G20 Businesses Meet in Ankara

The B20 Conference took place from September 3 to 5 in Ankara, Turkey.

1.400 representatives of business, politics and civil society discussed the economic policy priorities of the G20 in more than 20 panels. Among the subjects discussed were trade policy in the 21st century, the digitalization of the world economy, how to improve the integration of women in labour markets and the future of the energy industry. The BDI was represented by the head of its External Economic Policy Department, Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner.

Recommendations for an inclusive, sustainable and dynamic growth

Prior to the conference, the B20 published its recommendations to the G20 on trade, anti-corruption, SMEs, financing growth, employment as well as infrastructure and investment. The positions are the outcome of a process started in January and subdivided into six thematic B20 taskforces. BDI is an active member of the taskforces Trade and SMEs.


The G20 is an informal forum consisting of leading emerging and industrial economies for the global coordination of economic and financial policies. The B20 is the G20’s business outreach. Similar outreaches exist with trade unions (L20), civil society (C20), academia (T20) and youth associations (Y20).

This year’s G20-summit will take place on November 15 and 16 in Antalya, under Turkish presidency. Simultaneously, the businesses’ recommendations to the G20 will be presented to the public and discussed with G20 heads of states and governments at the B20 summit. China will host the G20 summit in 2016.