BDI Position: Anti-Corruption in TTIP

The EU Commission’s new Trade and Investment Strategy foresees the inclusion of anti-corruption regulation in EU free trade agreements. BDI supports the inclusion of such mechanisms under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) based on existing international conventions on anti-corruption.

EU free trade agreements give EU member states an opportunity to shape its external economic relations through fair and ethical rules. Strengthening the fight against corruption is important to this objective. In TTIP, a chapter on anti-corruption should include two core elements.

First, anti-corruption rules in TTIP should incorporate international conventions on anti-corruption such as the conventions by the OECD and the UN. By referring to existing mechanisms, TTIP can contribute to a levelling of the playing field in the international effort to fight corruption.

Second, in the case of multiple jurisdictions the TTIP chapter on anti-corruption should establish an upstream dialogue between the pertinent au-thorities. A dialogue mechanism would improve the management of infor-mation and resources and, as a desireable outcome, could define the authority best placed to prosecute.