Negotiate an ambitious TTIP: For clear rules and real opportunities

Reducing tariffs, intensifying regulatory cooperation, opening markets in services, and improving access to public procurement will create jobs and prosperity.

Shortly before the launch of the TTIP talks, the BDI and its member organisations published a position paper to underline the priorities of German industry and to present specific proposals for the talks to the European Commission and the German government.

In the paper, German industry calls for a comprehensive and ambitious agreement. We expect concrete results on market access, regulatory cooperation, and the development of global rules from the TTIP negotiations.

In the field of market access, we call concretely for the dismantling of the remaining industrial tariffs, a comprehensive opening of the U.S. public procurement market, and the removal of barriers to investment and services. In the area of regulatory cooperation, “horizontal” cooperation across sectors should be expanded, for example through early consultations and joint impact assessments. We also call for sector-specific trade facilitation. In certain sectors, mutual recognition or harmonisation of rules and standards should be the goal. In others, the aim is rather to simplify approval procedures, certification rules, and conformity assessments. The precondition for regulatory cooperation is preserving high standards of safety and environmental and consumer protection.

The agreement should also be used – for instance in the areas of competition law and intellectual property protection – to develop rules that could eventually be applied to the world trading system as a whole.