Facts for growth-friendly EU policy

President Jean-Claude Juncker has oriented the European Commission around ten growth-relevant policy priorities to set Europe firmly on course for the future. Commission, Parliament and Council have agreed a work programme on this basis. We do not agree with each and every proposal but the direction is right. With its fact sheets, German business takes a stance on the main competition-relevant initiatives and sets out in compact form its own ideas for a growth-friendly EU policy.

Energy, Climate and Environment policy need to tie in more closely with an EU-wide strengthening of the industrial base. The EU must take decisive steps towards a fully connected Digital Single Market. The Commission should drive the negotiations on a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) forward with energy. The route of integration and structural renovation in the Eurozone already embarked on must be pursued. This is also a question of social provision, which depends on economic prosperity, investments and global competitiveness – so that new jobs are created and people, in particular the young generation, have durable employment prospects


Bernd Dittmann
Head of Department
BDI/BDA The German Business Representation
BDI e.V.