Picture a Global Europe

The business community’s vision for the EU Message to the next European Parliament, 2014-2019.

Europe has come through five difficult years when crisis management has been top of the political agenda. Millions of working age EU citizens have lost their jobs. Companies have closed and those that remain in business are operating in difficult market conditions. Because of the crisis, Europe’s politicians have focused internally, working at national and European levels to bring stability and save the Euro. For five years, they have looked inward. But there is light on the horizon and, with decisive action to enhance growth, European policy makers can secure a prosperous future for citizens if they create a business environment where companies can thrive and become more competitive on global markets.

Europe is at a turning point. The efforts made in the aftermath of the crisis are starting to pay off, however, unemployment – especially youth unemployment – remains at an unacceptably high level. Restoring competitiveness is key. But if necessary policy changes are not made, we will continue to fall behind in the global economy. Therefore, we urge policy-makers to make competitiveness the overarching policy goal for the next political cycle. Europe can make it if the right policy choices are made. We have a real chance to regain lost ground, provided we do not repeat past mistakes that brought us where we are.

In this document, BUSINESSEUROPE therefore paints a positive picture of what is possible if the EU takes a different, more outward looking approach to policy-making in the five years ahead. We envisage a scenario where a newly competitive Europe is capable of reclaiming its place on the global stage, with business creating jobs and growth and citizens experiencing the benefits. We offer a vision to European Parliament candidates of what could be achieved as we move towards 2019. But we must see the urgency and take resolute action without delay, at European and at national level, to make this vision take shape.


Joscha Ritz
Senior Manager
BDI/BDA The German Business Representation
BDI e.V.