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There is lot of work ahead to complete the Single Market – but it is worth it

Europe needs strong, internationally competitive industrial policies to create jobs, prosperity and growth. An integrated EU industrial policy must set the right parameters for this. The German industrial sector generates more than one quarter of the European Union’s total gross industrial value added. This means that it is very much in Germany’s interest to have policies that set the right parameters at European level for an internationally competitive industrial sector.

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Digital infrastructure

Robust Economy no Cause for Complacency

- Despite the uncertainties coming from the USA and Brexit it is necessary to prepare the German economy for future success. more
International Relations

The hard Brexit course has been voted out

- Regarding the outcome of the parliamentary election in the United Kingdom, the President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) Dieter Kempf said: “A weakened government does not make the difficult starting position for the Brexit discussions any easier.” more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

Dispute over competence in European trade policy must end

- In response to the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on EU free trade agreements, BDI Executive Board Member Stefan Mair stressed the need for clear and reliable trade agreements. Mair says the EU must work towards shaping globalisation according to European values and interests. more
European Economic and Monetary Union

Industry Calls for Maximum Damage Limitation During Brexit

- The extent of damage limitation is largely the responsibility of the UK Government. more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

The EU must show unity towards UK

- BDI President Dieter Kempf comments on Theresa May’s speech. more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

The precautionary principle in new EU free trade agreements

- BDI clearly subscribes to the precautionary principle as a basis for regulation in the EU. It is enshrined in EU primary legislation and is also protected through international trade law. Furthermore, adequate protection of the precautionary principle is also incorporated in the EU’s free trade... more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

The British referendum shows its first effects on the economic situation

- The referendum in June 2016 has thrown European markets off track. In the short to medium term, the increased uncertainty places a brake on investments. The long-term consequences will depend on the practical arrangements for future trade relations. more