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Fuel for employment and prosperity

Through their foreign direct investments, German businesses open up new markets across the world. At the same time, foreign companies invest in Germany. Both developments strengthen the German economy, secure employment, and promote prosperity in Germany. This makes it even more important to provide comprehensive protection for these investments. International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and investment guarantees are important instruments for protecting foreign direct investments.

Investment Guarantees: Vital Instrument for German Industry

IIAs for Effective Protection of Foreign Direct Investment

Investment Agreements are Crucial to German Business Success Abroad

Reform of Investment Protection in Emerging Economies

Growing Protectionism in Foreign Direct Investment

International Investment Agreements between EU Member-States


Modernizing the protection of foreign direct investment

Businesses have to be protected against political risks. Dispute settlement procedures must be transparent and rules need to be defined clearly.

More openness for foreign direct investment

Investments are the engine for economic growth and employment.

Industry needs strong investment guarantees

Investment guarantees are a central instrument to protect against political risk.