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WTO: Guardian of world trade

What would our shops look like without goods and products from all over the world? Whether we are talking about fruit, clothes, or the latest technology, components or finished products: it is international trade that ensures the availability of a broad, varied, and affordable range of products in Germany. Enabling this trade requires clear rules, and these rules need to be monitored. That is the task of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The multilateral organization is the guardian of world trade. If it is to continue to guarantee free trade among its 162 member-states, it needs to be strengthened, and its rulebook needs to be expanded. Modern trade requires a modern multilateral trade regime.

Plurilateral Environmental Goods Agreement: How Close is the Conclusion?

For a Strong and Modern World Trading System

The Doha Round

The latest technology, but at an affordable price! Trade in information and communications technology (ICT)


Regulate areas that have not been or not been comprehensively covered by WTO provisions.

These include investment, competition, export duties, public procurement as well as bilateral free trade agreements.

Conclude remaining issues of the Doha Round

WTO members should use new approaches to address the remaining Doha issues, especially market access for industrial goods.

International trade as a source for global prosperity and development

The objective is a barrier-free and rule-based world trade. The multilateral liberalization and regulation via the WTO remains the ideal solution.