Preferential Trade Agreements: State of Play in Selected EU Negotiations

The EU is currently working on more than 20 new free trade agreements (FTAs), including with the United States, Japan, various ASEAN states, India, and the Mercosur states. In October 2015 the EU and New Zealand launched talks on an FTA, followed by Australia in November 2015. Alongside multilateral trade liberalisation under the WTO, preferential trade agreements are central to the EU’s trade strategy. In many cases, however, the negotiations are anything but easy.

Ceta: way clear for provisional application

Local Content Requirements: Back-door Protectionism?

Sustainability Clauses: Standard in Modern Trade Agreements


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Preferential Trade Agreements

CETA moves one step forward

- Preceded by controversial political and legal debates in a range of EU Member States, the EU and Canada signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in October 2016. The Belgian federal government long lacked the support of some regional governments needed to add its essential... more
Preferential Trade Agreements

Bundestag gives green light for CETA

- Following the positive vote at the SPD party convention, the German parliament has now also cleared the way for Germany’s approval of the CETA agreement. more


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