BDI representative office opens in Beijing

As part of its internationalisation strategy, the BDI has opened a representative office in Beijing. President Grillo wants to intensify cooperation with Chinese politics and industry on location.

The Federation of German Industries (BDI) is pushing ahead with its internationalisation process by opening a representative office in Beijing. “German industry sees China as a long-term partner in research and development, in digitisation, and in international trade policy,” said BDI President Ulrich Grillo on Monday at the official opening of the Beijing office. “With our office in China, we want to intensify institutional cooperation with Chinese politics and industry and develop our contacts with decision-makers in Beijing.”  

The BDI President explained that China’s economy is currently undergoing an important period of transformation and that the Chinese government has initiated a comprehensive reform process. He went on to say that for German industry, whose key industries and companies have been directly invested in China for decades, on-site analyses on developments in the country are extremely useful. This way, opportunities and risks can be detected early on and companies can react fast. “The increase in direct investments by China in Germany makes the BDI a sought-after partner for Chinese companies,” said Grillo.  

The fact that the opening took place immediately after the G20 summit in Chinese Hangzhou was a strategically important signal, Grillo said in the presence of former German Federal President Christian Wulff. With international offices already in Brussels, London, Washington D.C. and Tokyo, the BDI is now actively engaged on behalf of its members in another globally important economic area.