German Expertise to Remove Barriers: Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Trade challenges continue to exist in many countries. Through the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, German companies can contribute their expertise to dismantling these barriers.

The goal is clear: international trade should be both transparent and predictable. To that end, representatives of the American, British, Canadian, and German governments have joined with internationally operating companies to found the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation.

A Role for Business

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation seeks to integrate companies and their expertise in concrete projects in developing countries and emerging economies to support the dismantling of trade barriers. The aim is to significantly facilitate international trade, making it more transparent and more predictable for the economic actors. Complex bureaucratic customs procedures are to be simplified and standardised, and regulations and customs procedures slimmed down and regulated transparently. This should reduce costs for business and promote entrepreneurship worldwide.

Advance Reforms in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation founded at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Nairobi seeks to implement the objectives laid out in the Trade Facilitation Agreement through concrete problem-driven projects in the affected countries. This, it is hoped, will accelerate trade-facilitating reforms in developing countries and emerging economies.

Projects Already under Way

German companies can already contribute with concrete project proposals building on their everyday experience with import/export procedures and trade. Projects to dismantle barriers are tailored to the needs of the participating companies and run in conjunction with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The first pilot projects have already been initiated. They are designed for example to help to accelerate advance notification procedures and clearance prior to arrival of goods, and also to improve the reliability of information on customs tariffs.  


Jennifer Howe ( and Verena Kantel ( would be pleased to hear from companies interested in participating in the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation.