Industry supports circular economy initiative

Holger Lösch, Member of BDI’s Executive Board, welcomes initiative for improved availability of raw materials.

The Federation of German Industries (BDI) welcomes the presentation of the EU package on Circular Economy. “Through this initiative, the raw material potential in the single market can be better used to the benefit of consumers and businesses. With it, the European Commission seeks to improve the availability of raw materials in Europe” said Holger Lösch, Member of BDI’s Executive Board on December 2nd 2015 in Brussels.

“The circular economy can promote the efficient use of resources by taking the complete lifecycle into consideration. But only if European requirements and laws are also properly implemented in the Member States” said Lösch. Yet in reality waste in many countries continues to end up in landfill sites. “The circular economy package must bring about fundamental improvements by placing the right emphasis” urged Lösch. “The example of Germany with its high recycling and recovery standards shows that this is possible”.

Lösch warned that other well-functioning instruments could be jeopardised by the design of the circular economy. “It would be counterproductive to distort implementation of the eco-design directive one-sidedly through new statutory requirements on recycling”. When products are designed, all aspects must be taken into account in a balanced way: environmental protection, safety and functionality.