International Dust Symposium in Berlin, December 8th – 9th 2016

Participants © BDI

In industry as well as at any workplace or in private environment dusts are ubiquitous. In order to reduce detrimental health effects, the exposure to water insoluble dusts must be limited.

In order to assess the risk management measures clearly and profoundly, well defined and justified occupational exposure levels (OEL) are needed. The OEL for insoluble inhalable dusts have a very broad influence on all industry areas.

In Germany the OEL for respirable dust fraction, the so called granular biopersistent dust (GBS), has been significantly reduced in 2011. With regard to the fact that the German OEL for GBS is significantly low in comparison to other countries, a scientifically profound discussion of the principles of OEL-determination for dust is needed.

The leading experts in dust toxicology discussed all aspects of dust-OELs at the International Dust Symposium in Berlin on December 8 to 9, 2016. The presentations give a perfect overview of the state of the discussion regarding the occupational exposure level for granular biopersistent dusts.