Prosperity through security

© Thomas Meyer

Security is fundamental to the political and social stability of every society. Culture, commerce and industry depend on a secure environment for their very development. People only make investments if they feel sure that they will be able to reap the fruits of these investments. Globalisation and technological progress are opening up tremendous opportunities for Germany’s industry and export-oriented economy. But these trends also involve new and highly complex security challenges.

Internationally interconnected production processes and infrastructures are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks and disruptions from third parties. Industrial espionage, economic crime and sabotage are endangering our most important competitive advantage, which is the innovation capacity and expertise of our businesses. Regional conflicts, organised crime and terrorism are putting the security of workers, business premises and trade and logistics chains at risk all over the world.

In order to meet these current and future security challenges, we need to take an all-encompassing approach to security that includes all aspects of society. Our common security interests must be defined by policy, business and society and the resources made available to pursue them. The role and contribution of German industry to security should be more strongly reflected in Germany’s foreign and security policy.

In the areas of business protection, cyber security and the security of trade and logistics chains, German industry is already primarily responsible for protecting itself, its workers and the infrastructure it operates – which amounts to 90 percent of all the country’s infrastructure. As a producer of powerful security technology, German industry is also a key contributor to the security capability and the sovereignty of our country.

The issue of security demands dialogue and cooperation at a global level. The guiding principle here must always be openness rather than isolationism. In Germany and all over the world, we at the BDI are working on behalf of and together with our members in all the various industry associations to take assertive, practical and successful measures to provide even better protection for our industrial enterprises.