The Federation of German Industries (BDI)

Office in Berlin © BDI

Office in Berlin © BDI

Any investigation into the reasons for the special economic position Germany occupies in the European currency area will first and foremost be struck by the strong industrial core of the German economy.

Behind the success of the Germany economy lies a great depth of industrial value creation chains with more than 100,000 large, medium-sized and small firms from all branches of processing industry which together employ more than eight million employees.

It is only the intensive network of these enterprises in high-performance value creation alliances that creates the competitiveness and innovative capacity that creates and secures the outstanding position of Germany as an industrial nation in the international division of labour. Yet however gratifying this strong competitive position of German industry may be, it is ill-suited to being a cause for complacency.

Competitive advantages constantly have to be re-conquered on the markets. And the same applies to constantly eliminating competitive disadvantages – a never-ending task for policy-makers and industry. Globalisation competition grants no pauses to take a breather.