Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

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BDI calls for a strong, ambitious, and fair Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union.

For secure employment

Dismantling barriers to trade and investment in the transatlantic market creates and secures jobs in our businesses and for our employees. About one in four jobs in Germany depends directly or indirectly on exports. In the manufacturing sector, the figure is even one in two.

For clear rules

The reputation of “made in Germany” for quality and safety has made German products and processes successful across the world. We want to export, not reduce our high standards. Every day, the European Union and the United States exchange goods and services worth almost $3 billion. Tariffs are by and large dispensable. Where the requirements are comparable, it is possible to eliminate duplication of testing and certification, quality controls, and documentation requirements. A strong TTIP that reduces costs will be especially beneficial for medium-sized businesses.

For established processes

Investment protection agreements and investor-state dispute settlement are established instruments that have proven their worth thousandfold over the decades. They safeguard rights in the event of expropriation or arbitrariness. It makes sense to discuss improvements and to implement reforms. A strong TTIP will help to make investment protection more transparent, to establish an appeals mechanism and to restrict frivolous claims. That is good both for investors and for the country into which investment is flowing – and in which prosperity and employment will increase.

For real opportunities

The agreement gives Europe a political opportunity to join with the United States in shaping globalisation with fair and sustainable rules. A strong TTIP based on our values and standards will be a model for future agreements. Investing and trading across borders serves peace, prosperity, and social justice.

For new trust

We appeal to the German government, the European Commission, and the U.S. Administration to conduct the negotiations comprehensively, purposefully, and transparently. We are convinced of the need for an intense public debate over TTIP. We are fully committed to participating in that debate. German industry wants to engage in an open dialogue on free trade with political actors and with the citizens at large in order to boost confidence in Europe’s power to shape globalisation. For a strong TTIP – with clear rules and real opportunities.