Industrial Cybersecurity

Spanish and German practical and regulatory solutions for more resilient industrial processes

In light of the most recent attacks on critical infrastructures and other companies, the question arises how businesses and politics can enhance Europe’s cyber-resilience. First and foremost, enterprises strive to enhance the cyber-resilience of their business processes by introducing risk-based cybersecurity measures. In addition, national and European legislators as well as standardisation bodies are currently revising IT and OT security requirements.

Against this background, the Spanish Embassy in Berlin and the Federation of German Industries are co-hosting a webinar. The webinar provides an overview of the German and Spanish cybersecurity eco-systems, current legislative and standardisation developments, and best practices by German and Spanish companies contributing to more cyber-secure industrial processes. So if you are interested in learning more about the German and Spanish industrial cybersecurity ecosystems, please register below. Please forward the invitation to any interested person.