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Global Governance – Shaping Globalization

Germany is one of the world’s most globalized countries. Its prosperity depends largely on international trade and investment. Never before has global governance been more important to ensure open and rules-based markets and fair competition, as multilateral rules of trade are under attack.

The Group of 7: World Economic Summit and Community of Values

Business 7 – Strong and Reliable Partner of the G7

The Business 20: The Voice of G20 Industry

International Business Reacts in Unity to Corona Pandemic

The B20 in Turbulent Times

The German G20 Presidency: An Evaluation by B20 Germany

The Voice of Business at the OECD

Shaping the Global Economy: The BDI and the Global Business Coalition (GBC)

B7 Germany Summit #B7GER

The role of the Business 7 (B7) is to consolidate the interests of the business community of the G7 countries and develop concrete and actionable recommendations. The #B7GER Summit will feature public high-ranking panel discussions on major global challenges and the potential for G7 cooperation with business insights. It will take place on Monday, 20 June 2022.


Global Governance

B7 Promotes Sustainable and Inclusive Growth


Trade, cyber security, ecological transformation, and biodiversity, as well as the future of work and global governance are the key issues of this year’s B7 (Business 7), the economic dialogue of the G7 countries.

Global Governance

B7 Summit in Québec City: Setting the Agenda for Inclusive Growth

- As the Canadian government prepares to host the G7 Summit in June 2018, the Summit of the Business 7 (B7) took place in Québec City in early April 2018. The B7 recommendations centered on inclusive growth, resource efficiency, and scaling up small business. The B7 members agreed that open and... more
Global Governance

B20: The German Business Community Passes the Torch to Argentina

- Trade, energy and climate, digitalization, infrastructure, education and training are important issues of the Business 20 (B20). The G20 must not allow itself to be divided, Jürgen Heraeus said. He is succeeded by Daniel Funes de Rioja as B20 chair. more