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How we all – consumers and businesses likewise – benefit from the Euro

The European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) is an outstanding example of successful European integration. Since 1999, as many as 19 countries have been sharing the Euro and benefiting from a stable, internationally significant currency. The elimination of foreign exchange costs and exchange rate fluctuations invigorated trade within the EMU and brought considerable savings for businesses and individuals.

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It is high time for Structural Reforms 2.0

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European Economic and Monetary Union

Enhance the Role of European Public Goods

- European public goods and their purposes have been highly debated by academics and policy makers, particularly in light of the ongoing negotiations on the new Multiannual Financial Framework. At the seventh “Economics Jour Fixe” Meeting in April 2018, BDI discussed the priorities for German... more
European Economic and Monetary Union

A Democracy Catch-up for the Eurozone

- Lately, the window of opportunity for deepening the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) has been cited repetitively. Proposals to use this momentum for structural reforms are well-known. But the time may have also come to take a closer look at the democratic accountability of the governance structure... more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

Prepare for very hard Brexit

- BDI Director General Joachim Lang warns: “German firms must prepare for the worst-case scenario of a very hard exit, anything else would be naïve.” The BDI set up a task force to identify potential and acute risks associated with the UK’s exit from the EU and to develop constructive solution... more
European Economic and Monetary Union

A Convergence Code for the Euro Area

- In recent years, we have seen a lot of efforts in the fiscal area. However, reforms for the general business environment have fallen short. Can benchmarks like the European Commission's country specific recommendations or the proposals of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development... more
European Economic and Monetary Union

Industry Calls for Maximum Damage Limitation During Brexit

- The extent of damage limitation in regards to the Brexit was largely the responsibility of the UK Government, BDI President Dieter Kempf said. Policy in Brussels and Berlin should have one common approach, namely holding together and strengthening Europe. more
European Economic and Monetary Union

Quo vadis, Europe?

- The public had mixed reception on the White Paper on the Future of Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, presented five different scenarios. However, he did not commit himself to one of them. At the third “Econ Jour Fixe” on 7 March 2017, Brussels economists from BDI,... more