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Prosperity through security

Security is fundamental to the political and social stability of every society. Culture, commerce and industry depend on a secure environment for their very development. People only make investments if they feel sure that they will be able to reap the fruits of these investments. Globalisation and technological progress are opening up tremendous opportunities for Germany’s industry and export-oriented economy. But these trends also involve new and highly complex security challenges.

Waiting is the biggest risk

Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy on the European Security Architecture

Security, responsibility and sovereignty – the key role of the German security and defence industry

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Attaining security through technological sovereignty

To meet the new security requirements, Germany needs to adapt its foreign and security policy to go beyond the conventional issues of national security and take account of the importance that technologies have in this field. The availability, integrity and controllability of the latest security technologies are essential building blocks of a forward-looking security architecture for Germany as an...

Defence industry should not be boxed into an ideological corner

Effectively protecting the complex trade and logistics chains