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The digital gold rush

The immense volume of data worldwide is growing relentlessly. Businesses can use this digital raw material to do good and make money at the same time. Data have long been seen as the oil of the 21st century. But do people still have any control over whether they want to be transparent and to what degree?

Green light for strengthening the EU data economy

Industrial data – the new multi-billion euro business

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation: answers to the most important questions


Data policy

Breakthrough on EU general data protection regulation

- On 15 December 2015 negotiating partners from Commission and European Parliament as well as the Luxembourg Council Presidency reached agreement in trilogue on the final version of a future EU general data protection regulation. The final text versions still have to be formally adopted by European... more
Data policy

Safe Harbor: Stronger protective mechanisms for data protection

- BDI Director General Markus Kerber states his views on the new scheme for transatlantic data transfer. more
Data policy

A legal vacuum continues to exist

- The new regulation for the Safe Harbor agreement announced for the end of January is not in sight. BDI Director General Markus Kerber expresses his criticism. more