The heart of the German economy

The Mittelstand is often described as the heart of the German economy – and rightly so, given that mid-sized firms account for the largest share of the country’s economic output, employ the most workers, provide training, and make a significant contribution to corporate tax revenues in Germany.

Our objectives

Our demands

European SME policy


Tax benefits for research

For many businesses, the secret of success is innovation. German mid-sized companies work on innovation day in day out, but it is a time-consuming and highly cost-intensive process. We need to increase investments in research if German enterprises are to maintain their top positions on an international level. In industry, this should take the form of tax incentives for research.


Access to suitable financing instruments

The German Mittelstand is an innovative and responsible sector and a powerful exporter. However, it has to be able to invest in order to grow. Investment levels in this sector must rise, and for this to be possible, the necessary financial resources must be available. This includes giving enterprises better access to the European capital market.


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