The economy needs new bridges

The BDI welcomes the swift election of Theresa May as the new British Prime Minister. It is the first step on the path towards re-establishing orderly relations. The new head of government must now work on forging clear-cut relations with Europe.

Grillo called on the new head of government to build bridges with Europe. “Restoring reliability is in the interest of the economies of both Continental Europe and the United Kingdom,” he said.  He added that it is now a matter of limiting the damage that is being caused to companies, their employees and their incomes. The relations between the UK and the rest of the EU must not be weakened by a loss of control.  

“We are expecting a significant drop in our economic relations over the coming months,” warned Grillo. According to the BDI, new direct investments from Germany remain unlikely.  

“Whether in London, Brussels, Rome or Berlin, policymakers are responsible for preventing a long-term stalemate,” urged Grillo. He added that the European Union must now make a clear and determined effort to become more competitive and more appealing for all citizens.