Network for free trade – Why the BDI is needed in Brussels

Germany’s prosperity and high living standards are based on a world of free trade. But freedom and competitiveness are not a natural given. They need a strong voice to call for them.



Trump damaging the economy

- In an interview with news magazine Spiegel, BDI President Grillo criticised the economic agenda of US presidential candidate Donald Trump, claiming that the Republican politician was ignoring the realities of the 21st century. more

Joachim Lang to become new BDI Director General

- Markus Kerber is to step down in late March 2017, Iris Plöger will join the Executive Board from April 2017, and Dieter Schweer is leaving the BDI. more
World Trade

Industry takes a stance on China’s market economy status

- New BDI strategy paper calls for effective protection against dumping from China and a clear signal for fair and regulated world trade. more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

The economy needs new bridges

- The BDI welcomes the swift election of Theresa May as the new British Prime Minister. It is the first step on the path towards re-establishing orderly relations. The new head of government must now work on forging clear-cut relations with Europe. more

Europe needs TTIP

- The BDI is calling upon EU heads of state and government to express their clear support for TTIP and CETA. Setbacks in trade policy would weaken the EU. more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

Setting the right priorities after Brexit

- BDA, MEDEF and BDI on the outcome of the British referendum. more

Facts for growth-friendly EU policy

For us, European integration is not a “project” – it is an absolute necessity for Europe to help shape the future as a world region alongside the USA and China on an equal footing. To that end, we need a European Union that integrates, renews and helps to shape tomorrow’s world.



Member associations

The BDI is the umbrella organisation of German industry and industry-related service providers. It speaks on behalf of 36 sector associations and represents over 100,000 large, medium-sized and small enterprises with more than eight million employees.              


International representations

In Brussels, London, Washington and Tokyo the BDI Representations serve as forums for German enterprises. They promote business contacts in the regions and act as representatives of the interests of German business in dealings with the respective governments.


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BDI calls for a strong, ambitious, and fair Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union.