BDI/BDA The German Business Representation Brussels

Excellent relations at international level, above all in the European Union, are essential to German industry. In this context, the realisation of the European single market is of key importance. After the signing of the Treaties of Rome on the establishment of the European Economic Community in 1958, the BDI was one of the first business associations to open a liaison office in Brussels.

Dialogue with the European institutions is crucial for the competitiveness of German industry. The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council play a major role in shaping the legal framework for German industry. Our national interests can only be effectively represented on an international scale as part of the European community.

Together with its members, European partners and the European industrial umbrella association BusinessEurope, the BDI plays an active part in proposed EU legislation, covering such policy areas as energy, climate, digitization, trade, the environment, innovation, transport, economics and finance as well as company law. The BDI and the Confederation of German Employers` Associations (BDA) jointly maintain an office in Brussels, known as BDI/BDA The German Business Representation. With its newsletter Brussels Update BDI regularly provides information on current European issues which are important for German industry.


Heiko Willems
Director BDI/BDA The German Business Representation

BDI/BDA The German Business Representation
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