BDI - The Federation of German Industries Berlin Office

Breite Straße 29
10178 Berlin
Postal address 11053 Berlin

Phone +49 30 2028-0 

BDI/BDA The German Business Representation in Brussels

Rue Marie de Bourgogne 58
BE-1000 Brussels

Phone +32 2 7921000


Heads of Departments

  • Dr. Klaus Günter  Deutsch

    Dr. Klaus Günter Deutsch

    Head of Department Research, Industrial and Economic Policy
    BDI e.V.


  •  Felix  Esser

    Felix Esser

    Head of Department Department Health Industry
    BDI e.V.


  •  Jürgen  Hasler

    Jürgen Hasler

    Head of Department Strategic Planning and Coordination
    BDI e.V.


  • Dr. Claudia  Heser

    Dr. Claudia Heser

    Head of Department Human Resources
    BDI e.V.


  • Dr. Thomas  Holtmann

    Dr. Thomas Holtmann

    Head of Department Environment, Technology and Sustainability
    BDI e.V.


  •  Sandra  Calvaruso

    Sandra Calvaruso

    Deputy Head of Department Marketing, Online and Event Management
    BDI e.V.


  • Dr. Thomas  Koenen

    Dr. Thomas Koenen

    Head of Department Digitalisation and Innovation
    BDI e.V.


  •  Matthias  Krämer

    Matthias Krämer

    Head of Department External Economic Policy
    BDI e.V.


  •  Niels  Lau

    Niels Lau

    Head of Department Law, Competition and Consumer Policy
    BDI e.V.


  •  Uta Maria  Pfeiffer

    Uta Maria Pfeiffer

    Head of Department Mobility and Logistics
    BDI e.V.


  • Dr. Carsten  Rolle

    Dr. Carsten Rolle

    Head of Department Energy and Climate Policy
    BDI e.V.


  •  Friedolin  Strack

    Friedolin Strack

    Head of Department International Markets
    BDI e.V.


  •  Thomas  Veit

    Thomas Veit

    Head of Department Finance, Members and Central Services
    BDI e.V.


  •  Matthias  Wachter

    Matthias Wachter

    Head of Department Security and Raw Materials
    BDI e.V.


  •  Fabian  Wehnert

    Fabian Wehnert

    Head of Department German Mittelstand and Family Businesses
    BDI e.V.


  • Dr. Heiko  Willems

    Dr. Heiko Willems

    Head of Department BDI/BDA The German Business Representation
    BDI e.V.

    +32 2 792 10 02
    +32 2 792 10 27

  • Dr. Jobst-Hinrich  Wiskow

    Dr. Jobst-Hinrich Wiskow

    Head of Department Press and Public Relations
    BDI e.V.


  • Dr. Monika  Wünnemann

    Dr. Monika Wünnemann

    Head of Department Tax and Financial Policy
    BDI e.V.