Europe must
speak with one voice

In times of global political turmoil, a strong united Europe is more important than ever. The strained transatlantic relationship and the dynamic rise of China pose growing challenges for Europe. Europe has to speak with one voice to not lose touch in the worsening international competition.



Anniversary of the Brexit referendum: “A hard Brexit is more likely than ever before”


A tenacious uncertainty continues to plague the economy. Only damage control is at stake now, said Joachim Lang, Director General of the Federation of German Industries (BDI).


US Government is putting the World Trade System at risk by blocking the WTO

- The BDI warns against a targeted weakening of the World Trade Organization. Washington is undermining international trade law. Challenges relating to global trade can only be resolved multilaterally. more

Strengthen the European Union to better compete with China


The European Union and Germany both face growing challenges posed by China and its state-led economy. Although China remains an important partner, it has at the same time become a systemic competitor, said BDI President Kempf on the occasion of the presentation of a new policy paper on China.


EU Special Summit: Industry expects a clear sign of agreement

- Regarding the fundamental agreement between the Brexit negotiators on a political declaration and ahead of the EU Special Summit on Sunday, BDI Director General Joachim Lang says reopening the negotiations is not the way Forward. more
World Trade

EU and US Must Apply the Emergency Brake in the Trade Dispute

- In regards to the meeting between US President Donald Trump and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, BDI President Dieter Kempf urged: Tariffs imposed under the guise of national security should be removed. International trade disputes must be dealt with and resolved within the WTO... more

Midterm Elections: U.S. Collision Course is Likely to Continue

- The Trump administration's collision course remains a threat to the global economy. German industry doesn't expect the election results to change the current protectionist course of US trade policy, says BDI President Kempf. Instead of going it alone, the US should contribute to create modern trade... more

The business 7 group is meeting today for this year's -Summit (3. - 5. July) in France. They will discuss important economic issues and will contribute to the summit later this year! On top of the agenda: reform of the

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Katrin is 100% right!! Cybersecurity matters. Within the last two years, almost 70% of German companies suffered a cyberattack. For the same period, damage amounts to 43 (!) billion Euro.

is booming. Every year, medical are raising billions of USD. Their goal: to develop applications, services & digital solutions for preventive, clinical & administrative aspects of healthcare.

Network for free trade – Why the BDI is needed in Brussels

Germany’s prosperity and high living standards are based on a world of free trade. But freedom and competitiveness are not a natural given. They need a strong voice to call for them.




U.S. Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

U.S. President Trump decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. An investigation by the U.S. Department of Commerce had come to the conclusion that these imports threatened the national security. The tariffs came into effect in late March 2018. The EU was exempted until the end of May 2018. The EU is also currently conducting a safeguard investigation for steel and requested consultations with the United States at the WTO. These are steps in the right direction.