German-Australian hydrogen project "HySupply" launched

A team of leading German and Australian experts will investigate how the value chain for renewable hydrogen between two industrialized countries can be realized. The findings from this study are expected to be an important step towards the development of a global hydrogen market.


World Trade

German industry's expectations from the G20 summit are moderate


With respect to the forthcoming G20 summit, BDI President Dieter Kempf urges the G20 to take the reins back as the driving force for multilateralism in the 21st century.


Brexit: A Call From The Presidents Of The Major Business Organizations of Germany, Italy And France


Negotiations on the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom have entered a critical phase.


More Realism in Policy


On the occasion of the Day of German Industry 2020 (TDI), BDI and its Vice-Presidents address its appeal “More Realism in Policy” to political decision-makers in Europe, the federal government, the federal states and parliaments.


@holger_loesch at the #AusHydrogenConf: "If we want to achieve climate neutrality, we have to provide true opportunities to create alternative economic value." The upcoming #BDI/@acatech_de project #HySupply will explore how a supply chain for green H2 between GER&AUS could work.

"What will come out of this crisis is an opportunity to further increase the competitiveness of Europe" says Fredrik Persson, President of @svenaringsliv (Swedish Enterprise). For more insights:
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Together with @medef & @Confindustria we call for joint transformative #recovery projects to develop solidarity, green growth and #digitalisation through private and public investment:  #EU2020DE  #EURecovery

Network for free trade – Why the BDI is needed in Brussels

Germany’s prosperity and high living standards are based on a world of free trade. But freedom and competitiveness are not a natural given. They need a strong voice to call for them.


Global Growth Outlook 02/2020

The BDI again expects weak global economic growth of a mere three percent this year. Global trade remains weak, we anticipate an increase of only 1.5 percent. Foreign trade will not be contributing to German economic growth. The increase in GDP will again this year be curbed by foreign trade. Only domestic demand generated by construction activity and private consumption will keep growth above zero.