European Parliament. © BDI/Sarah Pöhlmann

A strong industry for a strong Europe

German industry can only be strong if its markets don’t end at the German border. This is one of the reasons why a functioning European Union is so important. Yet at the same time, a strong industrial sector also helps a stable Europe. How? Through investment, growth and jobs. To ensure this remains so in future, the BDI is committed to a pro-growth European policy.


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  • National systems for enforcement of EU competition law have converged thanks to close cooperation between the European Commission and national competition authorities in the European Competition Network (ECN). Nevertheless, there are inconsistencies at many points which make cross-border application of antitrust law more difficult and can lead to divergent investigation results as well as legal...

  • The REFIT platform put in place in the framework of the Better Regulation agenda published the first results of its work in July 2016. It is intended that the total of sixteen recommendations for simplification or review of specific legislative acts with a view to greater coherence and cutting red tape should find their way into the work programme adopted by the European Commission each year for...

  • 99.6 percent of all businesses in the EU are small and medium-sized (SMEs). They are the drivers of growth and employment in Europe.

  • The BDI believes that an improvement in the internal market can be achieved only if European rules are widely accepted. This calls for a thorough impact assessment, substantiated analyses and balanced proposals.

  • The award of public contracts to business is of great importance for meeting public needs adequately and cost-efficiently. At the same time, it constitutes an important demand factor for national businesses bidding for these contracts and for competitors from other countries.

  • A market-oriented regulatory framework that promotes open markets and functioning competition is an essential precondition and the best guarantee for growth, innovation and jobs in an economy. Because competition keeps market power in check, rewards entrepreneurial commitment and innovative skill, and opens up opportunities.