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Foreign Direct Investment – Motor for Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity

Through foreign direct investments, German companies access markets worldwide. At the same time, companies from other countries invest in Germany. Both strengthen the German economy, secure jobs, and promote prosperity. This makes freedom of investment and comprehensive legal protection for foreign investments all the more important.

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Growing National Investment Screenings – in Germany and Worldwide

International Investment Agreements Indispensable to Protect Investment Abroad

Investment Facilitation – Crucial to Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Investment Guarantees Promote Foreign Business in Emerging and Developing Countries

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The EU-China Investment Treaty

Tightening the Net: Investment Screening in the United States


Modernizing the protection of foreign direct investment

Businesses have to be protected against political risks. Dispute settlement procedures must be transparent and rules need to be defined clearly.

More openness for foreign direct investment

Investments are the engine for economic growth and employment.

Industry needs strong investment guarantees

Investment guarantees are a central instrument to protect against political risk.


Foreign direct investments

Investment Protection: Modern Investment Protection Chapter in Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam

- Few trade issues have been discussed as intensively and critically in recent years as international law on investment protection. In mid-2015, the EU Commission presented a proposal for reforming investment protection in trade agreements. These reform ideas have decisively influenced the investment... more