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European integration: dare more Europe

Globalisation, digitisation and climate change pose major challenges for the European Union. Only with effective European institutions and a competitive economy can we meet them. Europe has the potential to seize the opportunities of globalisation.

Interview with Ursula von der Leyen

Interview with Terry Reintke

Interview with Katarina Barley

Somewhat perplexed by political practice in Europe

„We need global transition champions!“

The EU needs a strong medium- and long-term competitiveness agenda

Diversification is also a task for industry

Corruption investigations in the European Parliament: Parliamentarians draw first conclusions

Czech EU Council Presidency: "The EU should make a reality check of its policies"

Conference on the Future of Europe

Brussels under the impression of the war in Ukraine

French Presidency: Macron's Roadmap for Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe

French EU Council Presidency: "Business expect concrete results”

Half-time for the European Commission

EU-Turkey relations: “Values-based cooperation requires a forward-looking process“.

EU-Switzerland Agreement: "The breakdown of negotiations is a setback for bilateral relations"

Portuguese EU Council Presidency: “There can be no business as usual”

Six Months of German Crisis Presidency: A Review

German EU Council Presidency: Leading Europe out of the crisis