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The course must be set now for future success

Germany is at a crossroads. Although currently one of the most successful economies in the world, it can only remain so if it continues along its path of close networking between the industrial and the service sector. Germany must now set the course – in government, society and industry.


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  • The refugee or migration crisis has recently become one of the most extensively debated topics in Germany and across the European Union. Almost 1.1 million migrants were registered in Germany in 2015*, and a significant trend reversal is not within sight. As BDI Director General Dr. Markus Kerber observed, rather than being a “crisis”, the current situation might have become the new normal state....

  • Consumers are the focus of business activity. They decide on the existence and further development of products and services. Consumer policy is a cross-cutting issue. Companies and consumers alike share the same interest in safe products of good quality and at affordable prices. Consumer satisfaction is a vital interest for companies. Manufacturers and providers therefore invest continually.

  • The 18th legislative term started on 22 October 2013 – around two years ago. Time for the BDI to look back at the work performed by the federal government and the coalition groups and to present policy recommendations for the second half of the 18th electoral term.