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A New Agenda for Transatlantic Relations

The United States is and remains an important partner for politics and business in Germany. In order to improve the transatlantic partnership, the new administration under Joe Biden and the EU should intensify talks to dismantle transatlantic trade barriers. They should furthermore strengthen cooperation within the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and join forces in dealing with China.

Farewell to “America First”? Trade Policy under Joe Biden

“I expect Biden to take a more rule-based approach with clear criteria”

Hoping for a Restart: The United States after the Elections

Multilateralism is Back: New Impetus for Global Climate Diplomacy?

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Eagle versus Dragon: No End to the U.S.-China Trade Conflict in Sight Even During the Pandemic

EU Push for More Unified Product Standards with the United States

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Fair Trade or Protectionism? Trade Enforcement Measures Taken by the United States

USMCA: Free Trade with Significant Limitations

Wunderbar Together – Germany and the United States



Economic Cooperation between Germany and America needs new impulses


Transatlantic Business Initiative (TBI) publishes four impulse papers for stronger transatlantic cooperation on trade, climate, digital, and finance.


EU Proposal to the United States on an Agreement on Conformity Assessments


The United States and the EU Commission have been negotiating trade agreements to reduce industrial goods tariffs and mutual recognition of conformity assessments since spring 2019. At the end of November 2019, the European Commission published its proposal for an agreement in the field of...


The EU is the solution – not the problem


In an interview with the Passauer Neue Presse, the BDI President pleads for a strengthening and unification of Europe. Dieter Kempf expects more courage from politics in Germany. The task of the Grand Coalition is far from finished.