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Economic relations with the United States – A pillar of German employment

The United States is a central political and economic partner for Germany. Many German jobs depend on German businesses selling to the United States and on U.S. companies investing in Germany.

Europe Must Drive Open and Fair Globalization

Political Outsiders, Controversial Nominations, Unclear Responsibilities: Donald Trump's Team

Ten Cornerstones for Stable Transatlantic Economic Relations

German Companies in the United States Stand for Open Markets

Trump’s New Trade Policy Presents Challenges for Germany and Europe

Significant Changes Are Imminent in the Russian-U.S. Relationship under Trump

The Priorities of the New Congress

The Cornerstones of a Strong Transatlantic Economic Relationship

Make America Great Again? The Impact of Donald Trump’s Election on the U.S. Economy

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“We should offer to cooperate with the President-Elect”


World Trade

One year of Donald Trump and fears remain unallayed

- German industry is still very concerned. The brunt of new trade barriers is felt not by China but by other trade partners such as Germany. The German government must respond to the sharper tax competition created by the US tax reform. more
World Trade

BDI President Dieter Kempf: “We urgently need a new government”

- The BDI expects a GDP increase of 2.25 percent in 2018. 2018 must be a year of action, BDI President Dieter Kempf said. Exports are set to increase by 5 percent. more

Federal government needs to respond to US tax reform

- BDI Director General Joachim Lang expressed concern at the expected impact of the US tax reform on German companies. The new regulations set cross-border companies considerable incentive to relocate investments to the US. Lang therefore calls on the German government to extensively reform German... more

US tax reform bad for German industry

- BDI Director General Joachim Lang has sharply criticised the US tax reform plans, saying they are not compatible with internationally agreed tax principles and are protectionist in nature. Lang urges Germany to face the international tax competition swiftly. more
Digital infrastructure

Robust Economy no Cause for Complacency

- Despite the uncertainties coming from the USA and Brexit it is necessary to prepare the German economy for future success, BDI President Dieter Kempf said. more
European energy and climate policy

Major setback for international politics

- Following the decision of the US President to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, BDI President Dieter Kempf underlines the importance of global cooperation. Unreliability and unpredictability are poison for the global solutions we need. more