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A New Agenda for Transatlantic Relations

The United States and Germany are strong partners – despite the political tensions with the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump. In order to improve this partnership, Brussels and Washington should intensify their dialogue and advance talks on a transatlantic trade agreement. They also need to strengthen their cooperation within the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and join forces in dealing with China. 

EU Push for More Unified Product Standards with the United States

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“America First” – U.S. Trade Policy under President Donald Trump

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Eagle versus Dragon: Ceasefire in the U.S.-China Trade Conflict

Dispute over Aviation Subsidies Needs Sustainable Solution

‘American Cars First’ – Uncertainty about Car Tariffs Persists

U.S. Export Controls and Value Chains

Corona-Related Entry Bans Endanger the United States and German Enterprises

Is the Trade Conflict Triggering a Currency War?

In the Name of National Security?

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Fair Trade or Protectionism? Trade Enforcement Measures Taken by the United States

USMCA: Free Trade with Significant Limitations

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State of the Transatlantic Economic Partnership

Review of TTIP

Make America Great Again? The Impact of Donald Trump’s Election on the U.S. Economy

Trump’s Success – An Attempt at an Explanation



EU Proposal to the United States on an Agreement on Conformity Assessments


The United States and the EU Commission have been negotiating trade agreements to reduce industrial goods tariffs and mutual recognition of conformity assessments since spring 2019. At the end of November 2019, the European Commission published its proposal for an agreement in the field of...


The EU is the solution – not the problem


In an interview with the Passauer Neue Presse, the BDI President pleads for a strengthening and unification of Europe. Dieter Kempf expects more courage from politics in Germany. The task of the Grand Coalition is far from finished.


Midterm Elections: U.S. Collision Course is Likely to Continue

- The Trump administration's collision course remains a threat to the global economy. German industry doesn't expect the election results to change the current protectionist course of US trade policy, says BDI President Kempf. Instead of going it alone, the US should contribute to create modern trade... more
World Trade

EU and US Must Apply the Emergency Brake in the Trade Dispute

- In regards to the meeting between US President Donald Trump and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, BDI President Dieter Kempf urged: Tariffs imposed under the guise of national security should be removed. International trade disputes must be dealt with and resolved within the WTO... more
World Trade

The EU has the international law on its side

- The EU should react cool-headed to the protectionist trade policy of the Trump administration, says BDI President Dieter Kempf as a response to the US customs on aluminium and steel. “Make America Great Again“ does not work with protectionism. more

US Government is putting the World Trade System at risk by blocking the WTO

- The BDI warns against a targeted weakening of the World Trade Organization. Washington is undermining international trade law. Challenges relating to global trade can only be resolved multilaterally. more