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Africa – continent of crises or land of opportunity?

Ebola, civil war and failed states are, unfortunately, often still the buzzwords associated with Africa. But Africa is changing. It is time to start viewing the continent as a promising economic partner and future market rather than merely as the recipient of development aid.

Color photo of historical globe showing the African continent with all countries, DR Congo in central position of the African continent with 50 countries

Democratic Republic of the Congo joins East African Community

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Networking, Investing, Developing– Business Scouts for Development

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Compact with Africa – A successful initiative?

What about the future of Africa?

From left: Uschi Eid (DAS), H. E. Ambassador Mulu Solomon Bezuneh (Ethiopia), former Federal President Horst Köhler, H. E. Ambassador Mmasekgo Masire-Mwamba (Botswana), Dieter Kempf (BDI) © Christian Kruppa

Africa and Europe – A Chance for a New Beginning?

Successful Women in Africa - Entrepreneurs for Development

Two years of "Compact with Africa": What are the results?

The East African EPA – Steppingstone on the road to the African Continental Free Trade Area

Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) - An African perspective

BDI Strategy Sub-Saharan Africa