OECD consultations on export credit financing

The latest annual consultation meeting between the OECD and civil society representatives on the topic of export credit financing was held in November 2015 in Paris. The consultation meetings are a way for the OECD to give civil society representatives an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns that they may have. German industrial companies and the BDI were again prominently represented at the 2015 meeting through BIAC – the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD

The consultation discussions focused on rules to limit the export of coal-fired power plants. The OECD followed up the meeting by adopting new requirements for the support of coal-fired power plants. From 2017 coal-fired power plants must meet certain criteria to be eligible to receive export credit financing and, in the future, only plants with the highest power generation efficiency will receive assistance. Exceptions may apply to newly industrialised and developing countries.