The political fog in London is clearing

BDI Director General Joachim Lang comments in response to the election results in the UK. Our companies must now expect to leave by 31 January.  

"The political fog in London is clearing. The outcome of this election is linked to the mandate to quickly accept the withdrawal agreement.

No company in Germany wants Brexit. Nevertheless, our companies breathe a sigh of relief that, finally, a mandate for the acceptance of the exit agreement exists. Our companies must now expect to leave by 31 January.  

It would be wrong for the political majority in London to focus solely on accepting the withdrawal agreement. What is also needed is a clear course in Westminster regarding guidance on the future relationship.  

With acceptance of the withdrawal agreement there is no turning back. Neither the EU nor the UK can therefore deviate from the deadlines for the transitional phase. By 2020 or 2022 at the latest, the negotiations on the future relationship must be completed. Even if the schedule is ambitious, the German economy calls for a solution. Unfortunately, a hard Brexit is by no means off the table. Without a solution there is the threat of a hard Brexit at a later date."