TDI 2020


2022 will be the start of a decade of innovation. A decade of questioning, changing and shaping lies ahead of us. We have decided to take on the great challenges, find solutions and take responsibility for our future. We will open a new chapter of social progress. We will grow and get a better perspective. #ScalingTheNew

The #TDI22 is the future conference of the BDI, offering a dialogue for economy, politics and civil society. By providing room for discussion and deepening current topics and trends, the #TDI22 aims to generate new impulses and encourages its participants and viewers to face and tackle the challenges ahead. It took place on 20 and 21 June 2022 as a hybrid event in the Verti Music Hall Berlin.

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In addition to the #TDI22, the BDI hosted the B7 Germany Summit #B7GER on behalf of the German government on June 20. For more information, visit


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B7 Germany Summit #B7GER

Global challenges need global answers. This year, the BDI is representing German business at Business 7, the business dialog of the G7 countries, and hosted the B7 Summit in Berlin. The B7 Summit focuses on geopolitics, climate and health and was held on June 20, 2022.