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European integration: dare more Europe

Globalisation, digitisation and climate change pose major challenges for the European Union. Only with effective European institutions and a competitive economy can we meet them. Europe has the potential to seize the opportunities of globalisation.

Diversification is also a task for industry

Corruption investigations in the European Parliament: Parliamentarians draw first conclusions

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Conference on the Future of Europe

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French Presidency: Macron's Roadmap for Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe

French EU Council Presidency: "Business expect concrete results”

Half-time for the European Commission

EU-Turkey relations: “Values-based cooperation requires a forward-looking process“.

EU-Switzerland Agreement: "The breakdown of negotiations is a setback for bilateral relations"

Portuguese EU Council Presidency: “There can be no business as usual”

Six Months of German Crisis Presidency: A Review

German EU Council Presidency: Leading Europe out of the crisis