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Brexit: BDI-Task Force Positions

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union will have far-reaching consequences for business. The purpose of the BDI Task Force Brexit is to identify the potential and acute risks associated with Brexit and to develop constructive approaches to solving them.

Market Access: Just one of many aspects of Brexit

German industry’s solutions for Brexit in the transportation sector

Brexit: a challenge for business

European Commission: scenarios for the future of the EU



EU Special Summit: Industry expects a clear sign of agreement

- Regarding the fundamental agreement between the Brexit negotiators on a political declaration and ahead of the EU Special Summit on Sunday, BDI Director General Joachim Lang says reopening the negotiations is not the way Forward. more

The United Kingdom is Hurtling Towards a Disorderly Brexit

- Major course correction by London urgently needed. Remaining in the customs union and single market is the only solution more

Brexit is casting its shadow

- Foreign direct investment into the UK is down by 90 percent. London should agree to status quo transition from March 2019. First results from BDI Task Force Brexit – duty and quota free trade as minimum requirement. more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

Brexit: UK government needs to reach agreement before an agreement with Brussels is possible

- BDI Director General Joachim Lang laments the lack of a breakthrough after the latest meeting between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Lang calls on the British government to reach agreement internally. more
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BDI on European Council decision: “Regrettable but justified”

- In its most recent meeting, the European Council decided not to move into the second phase of the Brexit negotiations. The situation will be reviewed again in December 2017. BDI Director General Joachim Lang expressed his understanding but also underlined the need for clear progress before the next... more
European industrial and economic policy, internal market

Prepare for very hard Brexit

- BDI Director General Joachim Lang warns: “German firms must prepare for the worst-case scenario of a very hard exit, anything else would be naïve.” The BDI set up a task force to identify potential and acute risks associated with the UK’s exit from the EU and to develop constructive solution... more