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Sustainable Value Chains: A Global Governance Challenge

Few countries are as closely integrated into the global economy as Germany, which benefits enormously from globalised value chains. Open markets, free trade, and global production offer opportunities not only for companies and people in industrialised countries, but also for developing countries and emerging economies. But only under one condition: global value chains must be sustainable as well as profitable.

Sustainability Clauses: Standard in Modern Trade Agreements

Strengthening Sustainable Global Supply Chains

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Development Policy: UN SDGs Initiate a New Chapter in Development Cooperation

Weaving loom

Sustainable Supply Chains in Practice: Broad Alliance Removes 100 Chemicals from Textiles

Interview with Ingeborg Neumann, Peppermint Holding: Sustainable Business: Voluntariness is More Effective than Coercion

Sustainability and Corruption: Fighting Corruption Requires Global Rules

Interview with Stephan Grüninger, HTWG: Workforce Integrity: The Corporate Immune System in the Area of Corruption

National Human Rights Action Plan of the Federal Government: Respecting Human Rights Should Matter to any Business

UN Sustainable Development Goals: International Compass for Politics and Industry

Guest Contribution Wolfgang Große Entrup, econsense: Sustainable Supply Chains in Practice

Interview with Karlheinz Schnägelberger, Merck KGaA: Human Rights and Export Controls

Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains: New G20 Trade Strategy Focuses on Sustainability

Guest Contribution Hanni Rosenbaum, BIAC: OECD Due Diligence Guidance on Responsible Supply Chains

Guest Contribution Renate Hornung-Draus, BDA: G7 Initiative "Vision Zero Fund"