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WTO: The Multilateral Trading System in Danger

International trade has contributed considerably to economic growth and development worldwide. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has played a pivotal role in advancing market access, setting rules to ensure fair play on global markets, and solving trade disputes. After years of stalemate in the so-called Doha Development Round, the WTO’s dispute settlement is now seriously endangered. The global economy needs a strong and effective WTO. Thus, members need to lay their opposition aside and engage in serious reform efforts. 

The Crisis of the WTO

Settlement of Trade Disputes Despite Weakness in the WTO

The EU – Multilateralist by Conviction

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China in the World Trade Organisation: Hope and Disappointment

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The United States in the World Trade Organisation: Like a Bull in a China Shop?

Trade in ICT – An Important Pillar for Economic Growth and Prosperity


Regulate areas that have not been or not been comprehensively covered by WTO provisions.

These include investment, competition, export duties, public procurement as well as bilateral free trade agreements.

Conclude remaining issues of the Doha Round

WTO members should use new approaches to address the remaining Doha issues, especially market access for industrial goods.

International trade as a source for global prosperity and development

The objective is a barrier-free and rule-based world trade. The multilateral liberalization and regulation via the WTO remains the ideal solution.