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Global Governance – Shaping Globalization

Germany is one of the world’s most globalized countries. Its prosperity depends largely on developments that cannot be controlled at the national level alone. In order to participate in shaping globalization and continue to benefit from it, Germany must engage actively in global governance.

G20 and B20: Politics and the Economy Must Stay on the Ball

BDI: Global Player in Economic Governance

WTO: Global business calls to action

G20: Premier Forum for International Economic Cooperation

G7: World Economic Summit and Community of Values


Global Governance (G20/B20 and G7/B7)

G7 Summit in Japan: Industrialised Countries Commit to World Trade and Decarbonisation

- In Japan the G7 states reiterated their commitment to globalisation and free trade. They were unable to agree on a global regulatory framework for CO2 trading. Under the Italian Presidency in 2017 the G7 need to demonstrate strong leadership. more
Global Governance (G20/B20 and G7/B7)

Pillar of Global Governance: BDA, BDI, and DIHK Assume German B20 Presidency

- The German government has asked the leading German business organisations to conduct the official G20 business dialogue for the German G20 presidency in 2017. Dr. Jürgen Heraeus will chair the B20 under the German presidency. more
Global Governance (G20/B20 and G7/B7)

B20 Coalition: BDI Assumes Presidency

- The leaders of the B20 Coalition met on 1 and 2 June in Paris. BDI took over the presidency from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. more
Global Governance (G20/B20 and G7/B7)

B20 Coalition calls for G20 to address Resource Efficiency

- On the occasion of their 3rd Plenary Meeting, the leaders of the B20 Coalition met to discuss future strategies for the global business community and announced Resource Efficiency as a new priority for the Coalition and as a follow-up to the work accomplished by the group in the field of Digital... more
Global Governance (G20/B20 and G7/B7)

G20 Businesses Meet in Ankara

- The B20 Conference took place from September 3 to 5 in Ankara, Turkey. more
Global Governance (G20/B20 and G7/B7)

B20 Coalition presents annual economic report

- The B20 Coalition presents the Global Business Outlook 2015 (BGO 2015). In a communiqué, they submit proposals for political reforms in the global economy. more